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07-15-2012, 03:55 PM
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Ignoring the ******** false equivalency between eating meat and abusing animals for the lowest common denomenator of entertainment here. I just don't have the patience for a discussion with anyone who would make that point.

Originally Posted by crazycanuck View Post
How much do you actually know about Chuckwagon racing and the horses who participate in it? Do you realize that these horses have a better life than a lot of people? These horses are athletes, and love running. While their are accidents, that is all they are, accidents, these animals are not fighting eachother. When these accidents happen everyone involve morns the loss of these animals. Just like every other sport in this era they are pushing the limits and are trying to find ways to make it safer for both horses and riders.
I find it interesting you just assumed I meant the Chuck Wagon races. There are accidents, but that's the least offensive of a series of offensive events in the rodeo.

I'm not even sure why, in this day and age, calf-roping and streer wrestling are even legal. Probably the same reason much of the circus stuff is still legal: Apathy to the animal rights cause.

Worse, though, it's a part of the "culture" of this provence.

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