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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
The 2nd was definitely the neck issue...there remains the question of did he get one or two concussions originally, but his 'relapse' this year was the neck when the neck became the issue instead of the head is unknown and will never be known.

It is highly likely that Crosby had a pre-draft concussion. It's almost impossible for a human to go nearly 20 years without getting a mild concussion...but mild concussion are dubbed mild for a reason...they're basically harmless unless matched with another more serious concussion in a time frame or another injury to the same area (say a neck injury).

I've had way too many concussions in my life and I don't think I've had that many more than the average person...I just have the documentation of having the following ones because I've had two major ones in the process, which makes them much easier to diagnose. Also my diagnosed concussions have come in pretty nice clumps, which means there may even be more that went undiagnosed just because I wasn't as worried with the symptoms...I have little doubt that holds true elsewhere. I don't think we're ever going to have a perfect test to measure mild concussions because they're just so damn easy to suffer (remember, a concussion doesn't necessarily have to be a hit to the just has to be a situation where the brain would rush into contact with the skull). Mild concussions aren't really worrisome (at least at this point of medical understanding) unless they're paired with more serious concussions...and then even the slightest one can set things back for months, even years (see: Savard, Marc). A player rushing back from a serious concussion ranks somewhere between juggling active chainsaws and unicycling down a third rail in terms of endangering one's future well-being.

With head injuries it's always hard to process...but even in rapid succession it's hard to imagine that it was the Hedman hit that put Crosby into such a bad place. My completely amateur opinion is that he sustained a Grade 2 concussion on the Steckel hit and the neck injury on the Hedman hit, which helped pronounce and prolong the symptoms from the original concussion. When he finally came back the little run-in with Kunitz it seemed to bring back the neck issue, which (somewhat thankfully) led to it being diagnosed.

Again, complete stab in the dark there...but if I had to take a guess that's what mine would be. I'm worried about Sid's future, but not much more than I'm worried about Letang's or Malkin's. Malkin has had leg issues in the NHL (which may be overcome...hip injuries in hockey are becoming like shoulder issues in baseball, they used to basically be the end of a guy's career, but nowadays most players seem to completely recover) and had a pre-draft concussion. Letang has had a couple concussions. Sid...yeah...I'm worried...but this is still a contract you have to give him and you have to thank him for taking it. The risk/reward potential in this deal favors the Penguins. The only real negative this could ever really have on the Penguins in the current CBA is in the off-season salary cap. If he's hurt...oh well, a few million a year from one of the richest men in America's pockets and an LTIR status. Burkle made his fortune in investing...I'm sure he's well aware of the risk/reward circumstances here.
Oh, so YOU'VE had a lot of concussions, ergo Crosby must've had a lot prior to being drafted too. Well, I've played hockey all of my life, and I've never had a concussion ever. Now, I've never played at a level anywhere near where Crosby did prior to coming to the NHL, but I am a small guy with a big mouth and I've gotten absolutely drilled dozens and dozens of times. Plenty of injuries, no concussions.

Crosby himself said he's never had any concussion symptoms before. He talked at length about how it was all "brand new" to him. So I don't see why there's any point in even speculating about previous concussions. There weren't any, mild or otherwise. The end.

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