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07-15-2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Vilgraining View Post
It was a stupid and pointless offer. We all get you have to start off with something they won't accept then "compromise". But that was dog **** in a bag. The only good of that offer was it probably got Fehr to laugh all weekend. I would love the NHLPA to offer 75% and UFA after 2 years or 21, whichever comes first. Now there is no reason to go crazy, because we have 2 months, but at some point they do have to get serious about this.

FYI, this is why certain players got max signing bonus's (in case of a roll back or no games)
The 2 sides probably spent the first 2 meetings arguing who should make the first formal proposal. If you make a reasonable first proposal you're probably going to be crapped on, since you won't budge on almost anything, so you have to make a horrifically bad offer if you're forced to be the first to propose something.

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