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07-15-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by ForSpareParts View Post
you are the exact same reactionary that was furious with me last fall when i said that "Schenn would be moved out of Toronto to make room for Holzer." i was berated for that, and this is the same old thing. die hard Schenn fans thinking i don't know what i'm talking about because i offer a more promising solution. you think that your opinion of kadri is more grounded / "based on reality" because you're a huge fan, but me bringing up Deschamps is not reality. ok. time will tell. it always does.

good luck to you.

No. lol. You completely avoid explaining any of the baseless posts you make, when asked.

Schenn wasn't moved out of Toronto to "make room for Holzer". So if that's what you're trying to argue, you're ... well.... wrong. He was moved out, as he was a player with solid potential in a position of strength, for a player with solid potential in a position of need.

Please, again, explain to us what makes these guys NHL ready. You keep avoiding providing evidence, and making this a personal attack on me. I'm not berating you for something ridiculous, I'm simply pointing out that you're not even supporting your point with any evidence.

Stop making it a personal attack, and actually back up your argument. It's that simple. I'm not a cookie cutter individual, I'm someone who sees things for what they are.

Now, please.... Explain the point you were trying to make, and prove to those of us participating, and questioning it, why you believe it to be the truth. That's not asking the world, that's asking what is logical.

Stop attacking people like a child, and have a spirited, intelligent conversation like an adult.

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