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Originally Posted by QMJHLfollower View Post
I can't see his skill set? I guess your an expert, you have seen him play more than me and that I don't know nothing about hockey.

Deschamps is REALLY underrated.

Was a very early 2nd round pick(35th overall) in 2008.
Scoring leader in the QMJHL in 2009/10 (tied with Sean Couturier).
Pretty decent first pro season last year(80-15-31-46).
Since he's with the Marlies, he's one of their best forward(Regular season: 40-7-23-30)(Playoffs:17-3-9-12). Also had a 5 points night in the regular season.

So Deschamps made a lot of thing that show us that he has top 6 upside offensively (High draft pick, scoring leader in the QMJHL, decent first pro season, one of the best forward on his AHL team on one of the best team in the league (Marlies), a 5 points night in the AHL, etc).

And if he doesn't make it as a top 6 forward (more likely), he can become a good 3rd liner/bottom 6er. He's fast, good two-way game and good defensively, backcheck, work hard, he's big, finish his checks, etc. Will also bring some offense to the bottom six.

Very solid prospects.

PS: Deschamps was the next call up if we didn't acquired Ashton. Yeah, people will tell me that it's not true and that I'm not an insider. I don't care, don't believe me if you don't want, believe me I if you want.
This past season was his 2nd pro (AHL season) and his regular season offensive numbers actually slightly declined from his 1st season. For a top NHL 6 hopeful his AHL numbers are extremely underwhelming. Players who make it as legitimate top 6ers in the NHL are usually at or around ppg AHL players in their 1st season or at least by their 2nd season. There are exceptions but it isn't the norm.

As far as throwing in the name of Couturier. It is completely different leading the league in points before your draft year and as a 19 year old.

Deschamps is very much a longshot prospect.

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