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Originally Posted by reckoning View Post
Absolutely he does. There's a fascinating article in the first edition of Total Hockey by Andrews describing the amount of work he had to put into it. Trying to get everything tabulated in time for the newspapers deadlines, without much help, or the aid of computers and spreadsheets that we take for granted today, sounds like an impossible task.

A big part of his contributions was convincing the league that fans wanted to see these stats, and that it would be beneficial for the league if they were released to the public. At the time, stuff like plus/minus records were considered top secret by the clubs, and they were apprehensive about revealing them.
Streamlining and standardizing the game collection of stats. Realizing that the stats had to reflect how the game was played including all the players in the process. This often gets lost today when the numbers posters focus a a very limited number of players.

An interesting sidebar is that Ron Andrews' work extended well beyond the NHL. The guys doing the game numerical recordings by hand were often involved with youth and minor hockey, so the techniques, discipline, reporting etc filtered to all levels.

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