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Originally Posted by number72 View Post
The big question I have about Deschamps making the top 6 in the NHL is his goal scoring finish. He hasn't broke 20 goals, he hasn't dominated offensively in AHL nor has made a case even get into the marlies top 6. For some comparison, Deschamp is behind Poni AHL numbers at this point though if I recall Poni got top 6 competition/minutes rather than a third line check role. Deschamp also has fewer goals than Dupuis his linemate in the AHL (but he does have more assists). This is the goal less Dupuis in the NHL for the leafs.

That said, Deschamps is a good 2 way forward and decent player maker but very little finish. And so unless he is late bloomer offensively or is paired with another forward with finish, the lack of his offensive output will always limit his desireability as a bottom 6 forward. I expect him to top out as a bottom 6 role player - say as memorable as a Boyce or Hanson.
I agree that he'll most likely top out as a bottom six forward, but a regular one IMO.

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