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07-15-2012, 08:40 PM
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I'm glad to hear that there weren't a ton of empty seats at the open house. That one playoff game where only 4300 attended had me worried. The product on the ice will be a little better this year, so maybe we'll get some better crowds.

I too prefer to be up above the glass. My seats are in 109 Row O, dead centre of the section. I like being away from aisles as it means I have to stand up less often to let people through. I also prefer being behind the goal so I can see the entire rink in one field of view rather than turning my head back and forth like I would at the red line. I guess that makes me lazy

I'd say the worst place I've ever sat was in Sarnia a few years ago. I was in Row A, but right next to the Spits bench, which seemed cool in theory, however every time play went down to the opposite end, every player leaned over the boards to see what's happening, and the poor spectators sitting next to bench gets to see absolutely nothing but players' backs.

The second worst place I've ever sat was in Erie, the row directly behind the Otters bench. The row of seating wasn't much higher than the bench itself, so all I could see was players backs.

I don't think the Erie problem would happen in Windsor as the incline of our seats is steep enough that the seats behind the bench are nice and high. I'm pretty sure the Sarnia problem would happen in Windsor though.

I also sat behind the penalty boxes in Kingston. Watching the game through a minimum of TWO panes of glass is no fun at all. Luckily, the K-Rock centre was empty as always, so we just moved to a different spot.

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