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Originally Posted by goonx View Post

Nowadays most of the new kids play with visors at least. I get high sticked once in a while but I don't have to worry too much about losing an eye with cage. The sport is just too fast and unpredictable. The puck gets deflected, missed shots, pucks riding up sticks and sticks riding up sticks. It only takes 1 bad stick/puck to make you lose that precision eye/teeth/nose and never play hockey again. Just my preference to play safe rather than having slightly better vision. I don't usually even notice it when playing. There are great players that play with cages and have vision that we can never get. "Seeing the ice" is more of a mental skill, reading plays and making smart split second decisions. It's almost like a 6th sense. Just my 2 cents.]
Had a guy on my team three years ago get hit with a shot that was tipped (he had no cage or visor), he had no time to react and shattered pretty much the entire right side of his face. Had to have surgery on his cheek bones and nose. Caught him just right. One of the scariest things I've ever seen. The guy still plays to this day but he sports a cage now.

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