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07-15-2012, 10:46 PM
sa cyred
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So was meaning to make the full report BUT got home late and now am dead tired. Will add a few more things. Johnson impressed me. He looked alittle bit slower but his play making skills are very good. Made a sick pass to Clapperton for a goal. Manning looked solid and looked like the vet out there. So did Laurisden, who's skating did improve (i know people said that already but good to see it for myself. Can't see him not getting called up at times).

I am hoping that Laughton gets his offensive game moving a bit though. Dont get me wrong, he hits well and plays some solid defensive game, but really hoping he can get some offense going. He had some nice passes and moved well but didn't do to much.

I also would like to echo the TVR praise. I honestly dont think he messed up one pass, whether it was a cross ice pass or a small flick to a teammate. His shootout goal was pretty nasty also.

I already talked about Clapperton but I do hope he can grab a contract. He looked really good out there. Like I said before he wont dazzle you with sick dangles or crazy passes but makes all the right choices which allows him to get points. Ya, his size might be a problem but it looks like he knows how to use it. He dodges in and out of players and keeps his head up from hits that could kill him.

Akeson impressed me in the first, didnt do much in second, and was average in third.

Konan and Willcox were not to noticeable... which isnt that bad of a thing. The only time Willcox was noticable was when he was on a pairing with Laurisden and the two looked huge on that back line.

Coburn's brother has Brandon's skating. Smooth and fluid. Also has a leadership quality calling out marks and plays etc etc. He can also move the puck pretty well and play solid defense. He didnt get much talk, but my buddy I was with and a few people around me were talking about him. He wont impress you with physical plays, but when he got back on a 2v1 and made the Timonen slide to defend the pass, it can be impressive.

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