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07-15-2012, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by OpenIceHit42 View Post
Had a guy on my team three years ago get hit with a shot that was tipped (he had no cage or visor), he had no time to react and shattered pretty much the entire right side of his face. Had to have surgery on his cheek bones and nose. Caught him just right. One of the scariest things I've ever seen. The guy still plays to this day but he sports a cage now.
Similar to what happened to me. A hard pass from a teammate got deflected to my face(I wear/wore a half shield) with no time to react. Top of my mouth went numb so figured I lost a couple of teeth. Thankfully it hit the top of my gum to the right of my nose only causing a small cut, and a reality check. Went to the locker room and pulled on my other helmet(with a cage on it) and have never switched back.

As for the question as to why people don't wear a cage. The obvious vision impairment. But most importantly to me, the chin cup. I can't stand the feel of a chin cup on my face(mine no longer touches my face completely but still annoying), along with the fact that a cage with a chin cup makes you sweat exponentially more, and unfortunately with that it's not nearly as easy to wipe away because... there's a cage stopping you from touching your face!!!

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