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07-15-2012, 10:57 PM
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Yeah, Libbs, you're in H because I'm in I and you're right below me...just 20 seats down LOL

As for best and worst seats...

I like our seats at WFCU...smack dab between the blue-line and the face-off circles, in the end the Spitfires shoot twice. Halfway!

Best seats in other arenas:

- I like the upper bowl in London. I've sat there many times and it feels like you're on top of the game.

- Most of the seats in Kitchener are fun just because it's such a cramped, steep bowl. Reminds me a bit of Windsor Arena.

- Any seat in Niagara...never had a bad view there.

- The old St Mike's Arena...SRO behind the benches, or top row if you prefer. So close, yet just over everything.

Worst seats:

- Without any question - front row behind the benches in Peterborough is a waste of money. I've sat there a couple times now, hoping it would get better, but it didn't. You're almost below the ice, so you are looking as if you're a player on the bench. Anyone on the bench and you can't see a thing. You have to rely on the jumbotron to watch the game. Horrible!

- Anywhere front row that's right next to a bench comes in second. Players stand up, lean over, and you're done. I wouldn't even think about seasons tickets there.

I guess I just enjoy being a bit higher than the glass. Other than London, where even in the upper bowl feels like a part of the game, most arenas, when you sit higher up, you feel distant from the action. Never been a fan of that.

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