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Originally Posted by ReaallMunson18 View Post
Similar to what happened to me. A hard pass from a teammate got deflected to my face(I wear/wore a half shield) with no time to react. Top of my mouth went numb so figured I lost a couple of teeth. Thankfully it hit the top of my gum to the right of my nose only causing a small cut, and a reality check. Went to the locker room and pulled on my other helmet(with a cage on it) and have never switched back.

As for the question as to why people don't wear a cage. The obvious vision impairment. But most importantly to me, the chin cup. I can't stand the feel of a chin cup on my face(mine no longer touches my face completely but still annoying), along with the fact that a cage with a chin cup makes you sweat exponentially more, and unfortunately with that it's not nearly as easy to wipe away because... there's a cage stopping you from touching your face!!!
Hah yeah. The chin cup is a lot worse than the so called vision impairment. I can see just fine through the cages, and whenever I recall the games I played through memory, I can't see the bars.

But the chin cup gets really nasty during the games. Makes my chin uncomfortable as hell - especially if I didn't shave that day.

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