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Originally Posted by ShattStar03 View Post
When did I imply that all of this came out of no where? I was simply explaining a point.
I didn't say you did. Like you, I was simply saying the Kings had to have known since this was a situation that was brewing for 3-4 years now.

Also, when did Bernier not get a fair shot with the club? We all knew his potential and what he brought to the table, the Kings just fell into a rare situation where they had 2 NHL-ready goaltenders. There is nothing "unfair" about the situation at all.
This goes back to the first training camp that Bernier was in, he really impressed the heck out of everyone...which in turn earned him a spot on the team at the age of 18. He did well against the _ucks in his first ever NHL game. Of course, we didn't have a great defensive group that year and so Dean sent him back down. There were years where he played better than Quick in camp, but it didn't matter since management already named him the #1 guy. There wasn't a competition for the job under Murray/DL. When that happened, 3-4 years back, Bernie has since wanted to move on to where he's given a fair shot.

Even though, Bernier is entitled to demand a trade, I think he could've handled the situation differently. Especially, if we all knew that Quick was going to be the permanent #1 goaltender, Bernier knew he was going to be moved regardless, I just don't understand why it has to be shouted in the streets hurting his trade value.
While I do agree with most of that. The reality is, Bernier's gripe is with playing time. I don't think he'd have a problem playing 30 something games on another team, since we all know its not going to be on this one.

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