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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Anyone got some good exercises & stretches for keeping the hips working so I'm not hobbling around like a 70 year old in a few years?

I'm also thinking about starting yoga for better core & hip strength & flexability.
you've answered your own Q.
There are a lot of references on the interweb, but hatha yoga is widely available as a great base to core and flexibility.
I would recommend doing beginner classes instead of DIY video or books... There is a progression to a yoga practice as you move thru poses. A good instructor will lead you thru a practice with definite sequences to help work muscles that oppose each other.
Other recommendation is to find some focus on the Psoas and then Tensor Fasciae Latae. These are very neglected by many, except for real sports training pros.
Work the Hip abductor and adductor groups equally...

Yoga - it's the real thing. I didn't realize that for soooo many years!
and yoga is not PX90 - it's not about competition, it's about you and where you are at that moment, body and mind. it's a great counterpoint for competition, like hockey.

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