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07-16-2012, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by leesmith View Post
They need to revise the lottery so that the same team cannot pick first two years in a row.
What they need to do is have weighted percentages based on how much worse the teams were. A team that finishes last place 30 points below the next lowest team should have a much higher percentage of winning the lottery than a team that finishes last only 1 point behind the next worse team.

I've felt this way for a while and I'm pretty sure one of our own posters went to the trouble of devising a system that worked this way [mayor bee maybe?]

If the team that gets 1st overall 2 years in a row [or 3] is really THAT much worse than everybody else then I have no problem with them getting it. Maybe have a small deduction to next year's percentage for the team that wins the 1st overall pick and/or the lottery?

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