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07-16-2012, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
The way I see it, the theme for next season is "IF".
  • IF Cammy can perform well as our #1 centre
  • IF Iggy can return to scoring 70+ pts and 30+ goals
  • IF Cervenka be an effective player in the NHL
  • IF Backlund can have a break out season
  • IF Wideman can provide that missing presence from our backend and not be a defensive liability
  • IF Sven can become another legitimate scoring option
  • And lastly and probably most importantly, IF Hartley can have the Flames stop playing as individuals and as a team

IF these points can be attained, then the Flames have a chance next year at success.

And personally, I agree that Wideman should play with Bouwmeester. I think their games compliment each others very well and I think that could actually turn out to be a very good pairing. Wideman would add a nice physical element to that duo, and Bouwmeester's speed would be a great asset to cover when Wideman pinches.

And I am going to predict that Brodie plays with Gio next season. I think he impresses Hartley right out of camp and he earns a top 4 spot. Brodie and Gio are actually somewhat similar players and I have a feeling they could do very well together. Brodie's offensive instincts could really help Gio to produce more, and Gio has the right kind of physical presence to mesh well with Brodie's game.

We need to remember that Hartley has never coached these guys before, so I don't think he'll care if Butler and Bouwmeester did ok together last season. He'll match guys the way he thinks is best. Bouwmeester could also play with Gio or Brodie.

And lastly I think Stajan and Babchuk somehow get moved. So my lineup looks like this:

Tangs Cammy Iggy
Glencross Cervenka Hudler
Baertschi Backlund Stempniak
Comeau Jones Jackman

Bouwmeester Wideman
Gio Brodie
Sarich Butler

This is exactly my lineup for next season. If the coaching staff can get this team to play a high tempo offensive style it could be a very interesting season. The team has a lot of offensively talented players, but they all have their warts and inconsistency. If the team meshes and is capable of compensating for each others weaknesses I believe the flames can be a very good team in the west. If they dont, were likely a bubble team for the 4th season in a row.

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