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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Why do you care what he dresses like? Is your life so insignificant that you need to get SO riled up about someone else's press conference to make a thread about it?

He's not a Hab and hasn't been for years. And your complaints are spectacularly ignorant and unbecoming of any sort of civil or intelligible discussion.

"What's up with the diamond earrings, gold necklace and thug like attitude?"
Define thug like attitude. Who gives a damn anyway.

"I've seen MR through the years and he's becoming more and more like a teenager."
No you haven't and no he hasn't. You don't know him, you've never known him and you don't hang out with him.

"He's one skinny looking dude"
You'd prefer the Wellwood look? Who gives a damn anyway.

"I still hate the guy doesn't matter how many points he puts up."
No one cares and that's a seriously foolish opinion to hold.

"cant get that dive and faking injury images"
From seven years ago?! Really?

"what an embarrassment."
Speak for yourself.

Jesus Christ.

He's a premier offensive player and Dallas set themselves far back in trading him and replacing him with Derek Roy. Doesn't matter what he looks or what he does (committed family man btw, 5+ pets, 3 kids) he's a great offensive centreman with fantastic vision and talent. We could use him, any team in the league could use him.
I think you have too much time n your hands....

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