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07-16-2012, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
Haha I'm really not in mood for arguing. I just...
Then don't post. Why do you expect people to consider your opinion if you can't even bring yourself to defend them? What makes you so special or privileged that you can spew invalid non-truths and then run away?

If you were Ribeiro's former agent or teammate and were to say "Y'know he's talented but a bit of a jerk" you'd have some credibility at least. But you don't, you're a fan like anyone else but you can't even formulate a single, coherent thought about Ribeiro. You have half-baked opinions and invalid arguments.

And it's not just you, and it's not just Ribeiro - it's an epidemic on the internet.

Any joe-schmoe with a keyboard will just hammer away thoughtlessly, incorrectly, selfishly and expect -demand- attention just for being themselves. That's not how it works: if someone doesn't care to defend their argument then they shouldn't make that argument in the first place. It's all over HFBoards and it's annoying at the very least. It's those brazen psychopaths who call in to sports radio and say things like (verbatim) "Markov should be dumped immediately - I don't care where... Russia! Whatever! He lied to the team and he's sitting on his butt cashing in the checks! It's disgusting!". It's the ADHD-rattled kids on the trade board who instantly dump on any discussion by calling a players worthless "punks" and "divas" - "he's talented but he's a lockeroom cancer". It's the single-minded fools who keep saying "lol yeah but the French media are gonna have a field day with this" - as if every member of the other language's media service suddenly lost all critical thinking capabilities.

Just let the people who can actually think hold discussions and just observe. You'd learn a thing or two in the process and it'd help you form thoughts of your own. Eventually. One day.

Originally Posted by hockeyjockey View Post
I think you have too much time n your hands....
And you too, see above.

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