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If the cap is reduced from 70 to 63. What happens? I'm assuming all players take a 10% cut. I don't remember the last time exactly but I remember reading that players took a 20-something % pay cut. I can't see it happening any other way. It would be utter chaos if teams had to cut or force trades to fit under the cap.

Anyone know for sure how it worked last time?

Found this-

Players under contract had their pay cut by 24 percent. Teams
had a one-time opportunity to buy out player contracts for twothirds
of their remaining value, minus the 24-percent cut. No
player can account for more than 20 percent of a team’s total
payroll, which means that no player can earn more than $7.8
million in 2005–06. Minimum salaries were raised from $175,000
under the old agreement to $450,000 in 2005–06. Every 2 years,
the minimum rises again, to $475,000 and finally to $500,000.

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