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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
Saying, "I heard he was going to be the next call-up, has a different context than, "He was going to be the next call-up."

I know the difference is subtle, but it is different. Isn't the logical question, who did you hear it from? It isn't like a call-up is putting a player on the trading block, or targetting a free agent while he's still under contract. I've heard several times, the coach of the AHL club identifies the players who deserve call-ups, because they see them game in game out, practice in practice out, off the ice, et cetera.

I remember here in Calgary last year there were players slated to be the next AHL call-up, and then Feaster went and called up Bartschi. Who scored 3 goals in 5 games ...

So although some AHL players were supposed to be the next call-up, it never happened.
that's not what i meant.

"context" as in posting on a messageboard comprised of (from what i can tell) high schoolers and obsessive fans. certainly a lot of anonymous people talking about the leafs for the most part. if the same statement was made in a large media outlet it wouldn't fly.

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