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07-16-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Romans12_12 View Post
There is no reason hockey jersey's should cost what they do - none whatsoever. It's unreasonable. If these people who make knock offs can sell them for $50 so can the NHL if they wanted to.
There's no reason most things should cost what they do. Why is a hockey jersey any different than an xbox? Why aren't you buying the console I showed in my previous post? It's 1/5th the price of a real xbox. No reason an Xbox should cost what it does - none whatsoever. It's unreasonable.

Originally Posted by Romans12_12 View Post
I have no problem with people buying unofficial (I wouldn't call them fake, they are after all Senators jerseys) jerseys.
I wouldn't call this McDonalds fake, right? It's just "unnoficial":

It is after all a McDonalds, right? I bet it's cheaper than McDonalds. McDonalds shouldn't be as expensive as it is, it's a multi billion-dollar global economic superpower in the food industry. Look at their profits. Some people are just McDonalds snobs. Jeez.

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