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07-16-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
As profitable as it is now? No. But more than closing up shop. And nobody says you cant cross the picket line.
Are you saying you don't think professional athletes aren't overpaid? In this case, hockey players. Brain injuries don't come from one hockey play. They come from repeatedly putting yourself in that predicament and losing. If you are at a higher risk due to previous injuries, then its your own damn fault(Hi Pat LaFontaine). Greed keeps them going. Doubt any player in sports history has said, "Wow, my future health is permanently damaged from the first injury I got. And I wasn't even paid well to play!"

Players know the risks. They like the money more. So saying they can lose more than a guy who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into a company doesn't really mesh. Players stop playing and lose... their job($3m avg?). Welcome to the real world. Owners stop the league and get shafted out of a truck load of money and tax breaks. I can't even guess as to how much they'd lose but its more than the avg player for sure.

Don't forget the other leagues in the world. Players don't have sign NHL contracts. Go play in Europe. What's the owner to do? Hire replacements and picket line crossers.

Put simply, if you're not willing to lose what you're fighting for, don't puff out your chest.
You have to have one to cross and a job to go to after you cross. You seem to be missing the fact that if there is no hockey come fall, it will be due to the league shutting down.

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