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07-16-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Ah, because being a ballhog is the only negative attribute one can pin on him?

I don't detest him as a human being; I detest him as a professional athlete, because when you add up ALL of the negative attributes, he begins to look like a poster child for everything that's wrong with professional sports.

-Refusal to do the two most important things necessary to win in this sport: pass and defend
-Repeated refusals to adhere to instructions from his coaches.
-Gotten past the first round of the playoffs once in nine years
-The entire saga of him leaving Denver and getting to NY
-Plenty of evidence that he played to get D'Antoni fired/make D'Antoni quit.
-Several instances in his career where he's shown up fat and out of shape, including last season.
-He seems to believe he's entitled to being treated like a superstar, but he isn't one, and hasn't done anything to earn that type of treatment
-This Lin comment.

Ballhog is just one of many things about him that I find difficult to tolerate. There are plenty of guys who ranked high on the scoring charts, guys who were and are much better players than Anthony, that never behaved in such a repugnant manner. Guys who put winning and the team above themselves.

The contortionist act you pull to defend Anthony and escape logic in virtually every scenario that comes up, BTW, is hardly rational (though it is entertaining). PG is the most important position in the game today, and he makes more money than three of the best PGs in the game, all of whom are more valuable and simply better players than he is.

Again, when is the last time a player in the NBA made such a subjective comment to the press about another player, much less a teammate, trying to get paid? There was absolutely no reason for him to make that comment, not just because Lin is trying to do the same thing the vast majority of guys would do in his situation (try to get paid), but because Anthony has done so many things that one can term as ridiculous, too.

Of course, it's a business decision. Everything they've done starting with the Anthony trade and since has been a business decision, because they certainly haven't been basketball decisions. They certainly haven't been aimed at winning.

Oh, please. You're not even a Knicks fan. Why shouldnt I support him? Unlike you, I'm a Knicks fan. You're the one who abandoned ship and roots for some random Western Conference team.

Sorry but I just don't take you seriously on anything Anthony related, especially after you buried your head in the sand and were nowhere to be found when he was the league's best player during the critical portion of the season.

And besides, that trade is looking more and more like a steal, especially when you consider Mozgov played in more games last year than both Gallinari and Chandler, and Felton is right back on the Knicks again.

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