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07-16-2012, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Oh, please. You're not even a Knicks fan. Why shouldnt I support him? Unlike you, I'm a Knicks fan. You're the one who abandoned ship and roots for some random Western Conference team.
I never said you shouldn't support him. But there's a difference between supporting and weaving between fact and logic to come up with convenient defenses for the plethora of occasions when Anthony does something that deserves to be criticized.

And I don't feel that I abandoned anything. I think the Knicks abandoned two crucial draws for me as a sports fan, at least in my opinion: the drive to win, and the desire to win while exhibiting at least a modicum of class. When those two things were left at the side of the road, I decided to start rooting for a team that symbolized both qualities.

Sorry but I just don't take you seriously on anything Anthony related, especially after you buried your head in the sand and were nowhere to be found when he was the league's best player during the critical portion of the season.
Perhaps you didn't notice, but my activity was highly limited during that period of time on the entire board, not just this thread. Unfortunately, I had more pressing concerns in my life than posting here during that tine. But I did have enough time to watch sports, even if I didn't have the time to post about them here. At no point was Anthony the league's best player last season (talk about ridiculous), and I'm pretty sure that during the most critical portion of the season, the playoffs, he did just as he always has: lost immediately.

And besides, that trade is looking more and more like a steal, especially when you consider Mozgov played in more games last year than both Gallinari and Chandler, and Felton is right back on the Knicks again.
How could that trade be a steal if the Nuggets were a better team and had a more successful season last year than the Knicks did? We'll see how much of a factor injuries are going forward, but I'd much rather have two quality starters who are effective at both ends of the floor and a solid backup center than one black hole who doesn't defend.

Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
And this "D'antoni's system" is such garbage. What system is that? Oh, the not winning and ignoring defense system? Where do I sign?

When can we officially change it to the "Steve Nash is my Starting Point Guard System".
You already did: Carmelo Anthony.

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