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07-16-2012, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by SuperDave21 View Post
I think there's a huge benefit in waiting for the new CBA if I'm in GJ's shoes. From what I've read, the owners want even more than last time. If they're able to get anywhere near what they're asking, that's more money in the owners' pockets. Why buy now when you can and see how much more money you might be getting in the future if you were to buy the team?

I have no doubt the money is there with Jamison's group. Zero doubt, actually. I honestly think the NHL and the group are just waiting for things to settle down. Then again, I could be wrong.
Why buy now? Well, why not? What would JIG lose? Say a work stoppage cancels the entire NHL season, wouldn't JIG still get the COG AMF? Pretty hefty AMF for a group that won't even have to take the hit of losses in their first season of running an NHL team. Wouldn't being simple arena managers that are way, way, way overpaid for not actually bringing in an anchor tenant be a good thing for JIG?

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