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12-01-2003, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by future consideration
Also Smokey; please don't generalize the Sabres board. While there is a couple posters who aren't respectful or classy sometimes, there is alot of posters who are. Every board has some trolls so don't make it out like the Sabres board is the worst.
I didn't generalize in any way. I listed the Sabres fans I knew, though I left some out. From what I have seen, you guys have several respectable posters, some ok ones, but you have a ton of homer trolls. I could list them for you, but I'd get in trouble. You may not notice it being a Sabres, but we've experienced 3 or 4 on here after the Delmore trade. There are several more that stayed away. I should have said, "6-8 good posters, 7 or 8 really, really bad and the rest (5 or so) are ok."

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