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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
Could you expand on that one? Because THIS is my #1 concern. My ONLY concern actually. It's been the case with EVERY potential owner - all talk, with no money behind them. The asking price makes no sense for an investor, yet there's been no indication that it would change. What makes you think this is different?

I'm not being a dick, I'm honestly asking. I would love some reassurance on the matter. Right now the silence is deafening.
Trying to find the article right now, but it has floated around the boards for a about a week, an article exists with a direct quote from Daly that Jamison has the money. The tax initiative should have little impact on the deal as it does not affect the existing tax increase, only future ones. I think Jamison is waiting for the all of the legal challenges to be ended, so the deal can be closed cleanly. If I recall correctly there was a clause in the agreement that Jamison and COG would fight any gift clause case jointly should the need arise.

Doan and Jamison have spoken more than once during free agency period. I think we can take the fact that Doan is currently unsigned as a positive sign about the status of the deal. It sounds like half the league has offered him a contract, and his agent has stated they have no future deadlines.

I see the CBA as being a possible wrinkle in a purchase timeline as rt has been exploring. What would be the advantages/disadvantages of buying before the CBA is done, I don't know.

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