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07-16-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
How did they even contact you? Did the hotel mail it to you?

I'm no lawyer, but I wouldn't show up. Just try mailing in the money order but for $50 since it's probably going to get raised to around there anyway.
They didn't contact me after I was given the summons. They couldn't, since they don't have an address to reach me apart from the hostel where I stayed and the hostel has no info on me. The NYPD literally only have my name and date of birth. I went and checked the webcrims website and my case is on there, but as I said, they only have my name and DOB. Never mind the fact that I could have given them completely bogus info since I didn't show any ID, I just don't think they can retrace me since they don't even know which nationality I am (I told the officers I was Canadian but it's not written anywhere).

At this point, thing is, if I send them the money order, I give them all the info they need and if they reject it, I'll have a bench warrant waiting for me the next time I get into the States. If I don't send them anything, I run the risk of having a warrant as well, however I could also slip through the cracks since they cannot locate me and have literally nothing on me. I also have dual citizenship and could travel with my second passport which has another last name on it (complicated but completely legit stuff).

I'm fully willing to pay the fine if they let me, I just want to avoid warrants. I'm definitely, 100% not taking a day off next Wednesday to appear in court in NYC lol. Getting a lawyer to appear for me for an open container summons is a no-no as well. Just wanted to see if any of you guys had prior experience with stuff like this. Thanks a lot kaneone!

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