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07-16-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
I don't mean to say that Dillon doesn't have a decent ceiling, he does. Is it as high as some of the other prospects? Well, I don't think so. For what it's worth I have him ranked fairly highly and making a major jump from last year's spot.
Might as well put it out there now that Chiasson is my #1. I'm impressed with him at every turn. I think he's going to blow the doors off the AHL and finish the season in the NHL and not look back. I see him as an eventual 1st line player paired with Benn making a dynamic, complimentary combo long into the future. He's got size, skill, smarts, character, leadership, and solid experience against good competition under his belt. I think we will look back as fondly on that 2nd round pick as we do Eriksson and Neal.
I would have to say a #2-#3 big independent* two way defenseman has about the same "potential value" as a big two-way independent* top 6 winger. I'm also really high on Chiasson and his potential. I don't think there's much between Dillon and Chiasson, except Dillon is ready to play the NHL game now. If I had to rank the four I threw out first, it would have to be Dillon, Chiasson, Oleksiak, and Campbell, in that order. There isn't much between Dillon and Chiasson.

Campbell needs some time and to show us that he can play at a quality level before my opinion puts him back in the top 3. Oleksiak needs to show that his offense is there and consistent at the pro level.

As for Faksa, he needs some time. For what little I saw of him at practice, he was a little bit sloppy with the puck. He's solidly cemented in that 2nd tier of our prospects, with guys who will have a solid NHL career but not make headlines all the time.

I totally forgot about Eakin. He'll probably be in the NHL next year, so I can't really rank him.

*: Not linemate/partner dependent for success. See: Morrow as a dependent because of Ribeiro's ability to inflate Morrow's numbers. Eriksson and Benn are independent as they both produce without a consistent linemate.

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