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07-16-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by JKP View Post
Which is why it is more logical that he will sell.
Which would be wonderful cause with Mike Repole now shut out of the Mets with the Madoff thing resolved you have a billionare die-hard Mets fan/sports fan who got into horse racing as a neophyte and is making bank off of it and earning respect from insiders. Don't think he sacarfices a bit on public legacy to get a piece of NY sports history? This guy is sitting on billions, is amking money off whatever hobby he picks up, think he gives a **** if he's not a developer? As long as he can operate to a full budget and not have losses (i.e., a favorable lease), he's a top candidate.

And of course Pokhorov and Ratner would have some interest as would Peltz (who went after the Devils for a bit).

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