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Originally Posted by murdock1116 View Post
Mostly because 3rd and 4th lines are used for defensive/energy purposes.

Most prospects have nhl skill but don't have experience/knowledge/strength.

If you put a prospect prematurely on the 3rd or 4th line they won't be of any use because they'll be out muscled. Then what happens is that prospect starts to lose confidence in their game. And once the confidence goes the development stops.

Certain prospects like Joe Pavelski already had great hockey IQ both offensive and defensive. No one knew that he would develop the skill he has today. Also since he played 4 years of college, he had a much more NHL ready body. He was 23 when he came into the league

Nieto and Hamilton are only 20. Lots of maturity to come in 3 years for them.
Pavelski was an amazing find in the 7th round. He's a special case and there's no reason to compare Hamilton to him. Also, Pavs only played 2 seasons at Wisconsin, left after his sophomore season and debuted in the NHL at 22, which only adds to his mystique. He's a pimp.

Plenty of time for Hamilton to find his way. We don't need to rush him. Hamilton has made great strides as it is, also kid's got a photographic memory.

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