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07-16-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
That's kind of the point. Whether or not the cap comes down, Chicago is currently comfortably under the cap and likely won't need to worry about the moving players to make room for the cap possibly coming down.
My point is that the Hawks may want to be in a position to take advantage of the cap lowering (from the current 70) and teams being forced to move a pricey contract. A team needing to make a dump will not be taking Hjammer and his 3.5 per back if they are trying to shed payroll. It's not about the Hawks having to shed, it's about being in a position to add at the expense of someone having to shed.

Bruins, Wild, & Vancouver are teams sniffing 70 already and if the cap ends up at 64...something would need to give. Now there is no telling what provisions will be in the ultimate settlement....maybe amnesty buyouts, maybe an across the board reduction by a set percentage of all contracts, ect, but having some space may help.

I think cap space is a minor reason to make a deal, but if you like Emelin's fit in the Hawk roster better the Hjammerson (and I do) and feel Stalberg is more Frolik then an actual 20 goal just might.

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