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07-16-2012, 04:59 PM
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Like it or not the CBA issue is going to be a major factor.

If there is a major drop in the cap then one or two things have to be included:

Pain free buyouts or a commesurate salary rollback. Possibly a combination of the two.

Plainly put, there are to many teams above 60M in cap, and especially to many above 65M for that not to be the case. Teams won't vote to screw themselves over and they are too big and powerful of a block not to defend themselves from being screwed by others.

Canadiens would obviously prefer that more of the cap reduction is done by buyout and I think there are enough teams with contracts they'd like to drop that it would be a popular option. Salary rollback would be fine too, but less advantageous.

On the other hand, all this does is remove the Canadiens existing spending advantage as the second most profitable team in the league.

Best possible outcome for the Habs is they get a combination rollback and at least one no-cap buyout. A free Gomez buyout will net them at least 10% of the cap back. 2 buyouts is also great because Gomez + Kaberle is at least 16.5% of the cap. Montreal would also be in a position to bid for bought out players at what will be pretty low prices if this happens.

League also wants to keep the salary floor high rather than low and there isn't going to be many options for teams to get dead cap space to push themselves to the floor. Even without a buyout Gomez might be easily dump-able to an Islanders or Florida.

The new CBA likely won't be good for Montreal because it's going to blunt spending advantages, which particularly screws a high tax team with money. But its very unlikely they get screwed and pretty likely they make out better than other high cap teams because they have contracts they'd most like to get rid of. Most of Vancouver, San Jose or Boston's cap is invested in guys they'd like to keep.

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