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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
I never said you shouldn't support him. But there's a difference between supporting and weaving between fact and logic to come up with convenient defenses for the plethora of occasions when Anthony does something that deserves to be criticized.

Fact -- He's 4th among active players in career PPG
Fact -- The Knicks have made the playoffs in back to back seasons because of Anthony's play in April.
Fact -- The Knicks are 13-5 in April since acquiring Anthony
Fact -- Anthony was voted the NBA player of the month in April 2012.

Sorry, but as a fan of a recently-pathetic franchise, I'll look past the defensive shortcomings and off-the-court sound bites as long as I see an improvement in the standings. Lead by Anthony, so far, so good.

And go back and read my posts from the day he was acquired. I never said he shouldn't be criticized. I for one have criticized him as well. Big picture-wise, he's given the fans something to look forward too. You can make fun of back-to-back 1st round blowouts, but Knicks fans shouldnt be greedy.

As for the Lin comment, he was right. I never said he was right saying it publicly. I just said he was right. Lin's contract is undeserving.

And I don't feel that I abandoned anything. I think the Knicks abandoned two crucial draws for me as a sports fan, at least in my opinion: the drive to win, and the desire to win while exhibiting at least a modicum of class. When those two things were left at the side of the road, I decided to start rooting for a team that symbolized both qualities.
OK, so you're a frontrunner. It's one thing to be a frontrunner and be humble. It's another thing to be a frontrunner and consistently bash the team you gave up on.
Justify it any way you want, but there is nothing endearing to frontrunning, especially if you're trying to come across as a know-it-all.

And class is a stipulation? The Riley Knicks were class? They were classy if you consider class to be gooning it up, head butting, choke holding and clothes-lining people.

Perhaps you didn't notice, but my activity was highly limited during that period of time on the entire board, not just this thread. Unfortunately, I had more pressing concerns in my life than posting here during that tine. But I did have enough time to watch sports, even if I didn't have the time to post about them here. At no point was Anthony the league's best player last season (talk about ridiculous), and I'm pretty sure that during the most critical portion of the season, the playoffs, he did just as he always has: lost immediately.
The league disagrees with you. Sorry. And I meant regular season. See above for his stats since joining the Knicks in the last month of the regular season.

And I think it was convinient for you that you couldn't post on here when Anthony was the toast of the town. We'll see what happens next year.

How could that trade be a steal if the Nuggets were a better team and had a more successful season last year than the Knicks did? We'll see how much of a factor injuries are going forward, but I'd much rather have two quality starters who are effective at both ends of the floor and a solid backup center than one black hole who doesn't defend.
That has nothing to do with it. The Knicks acquired one of the best scorers in the league and it made them better in the standings. Felton and Chandler played a whopping 8 games last year for Denver (guess who played all 8?). It's funny how the guy you claimed to be "one of the best defensive coaches of all time" was 29th in the NBA in PPG without the very guy you said made his teams stink defensively.

You already did: Carmelo Anthony.
For now, winning means above .500 and making the playoffs. The Knicks weren't doing that last season under Dantoni and his wonderful system.

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