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12-01-2003, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
1. To send a message to the team: if you work hard game-in, game-out, you don't belong on this team.

2. To make room for Montreal's very own portuguese-Gretzky: Mike Ribeiro!

3. To give a chance to more kids from the AHL to play, despite the fact that there'll be no quality veterans for them to play with.

4. In order to pick up a player like Keith Primeau. Let's forget the fact that Primeau's a UFA at season's end, earns more than Koivu while providing half the offense, is seen as one of the worst leaders in the NHL and has been labelled as a cancer in every city he's ever played in. But this is a player Montreal needs because he's big,

5. To prove that Koivu's truly the divider on the team and the reason why the Habs aren't that good of a team. If Koivu were dealt, we'd start to see the team playing with such unity and passion. Perreault, Audette, Juneau and Dackell would revert back to their pre-Koivu days where they would drop the gloves for one another, and battle hard each game.

5. Because Montreal would get a superstar prospect in return.

6. Because teams don't realize Koivu's small and fragile, so they'll deal Shane Doan + a prospect to get him.

7. To give Rivet a chance to flourish and become the $3M defenseman we know he is, but Koivu's holding down the man ....

8. To open up salary room to pick up Turgeon. We never should have moved him to begin with. Montreal needs more soft players who disappear in clutch situations.

9. To give the captaincy to someone more deserving. Let's say Souray because he's played a good dozen games for us this year. Let's forget the fact that two months ago, everyone on this board minus a handful of posters thought Souray was at best a #5 defenseman who didn't show up every night. Or we can just give it to our pride and joy Ribeiro, who couldn't crack a contender's lineup.

And finally, the most important message trading Koivu will send...

10. To prove once and for all being captain in Montreal is not an honour, it's simply a tactful way to tell you to pack your bags.
You should get a job on the Letterman show writing the top then list, this one is classic!

Koivu for Viktor Kozlov and Horton!

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