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Originally Posted by Rangers4Life74 View Post
Nash wasnt a 2 time MVP,you know,while with the Mavs.that didnt happen until Phoenix.

doesnt matter that Woodson had the same pieces D'Antoni had.The players quit on him,led by our superstar Anthony

look at the roster D'Antoni had here throughout his wonder they didnt win.he still had to deal with so much of the crap leftover from the Thomas Disaster alone when he first got here.then they gut the team for mr selfish,Carmelo Anthony who pouted and admitted he didnt even try half the time.

but hey,things are looking up for this franchise.we continue to trade away draft picks for crap and sign over the hill aging players


If any employee quits on his employer, then they can share the blame. There's no proof that the Knicks quit on Dantoni. There is proof that they were an instant success under Woodson.

Blame the roster all you want, but Woodson for now is the better coach for the franchise. I could care less about Dantoni. He sucked as a coach here and I'm glad he's gone.

If the team bothers you so much, follow Sting and stop rooting for them. They are stuck with two albatross contracts but at least they are somewhat entertaining. Moreson than the previous 10 years.

Knicks fans should be realists instead of idealists. Like Cubs fans.

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