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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
And that is in spite of Gionta, not because of him. Gio is a fine player, one of the many pieces we might want to keep to be competitive. He ain't a game breaker, but then again, you better fire a lot of players if youV want only to hold game breakers.

Somewhat agreed. Except for Gomez, we can potentially trade any of them to a needy team if they get going reasonably.

Disagree except for Gomez. Bourque is big and responsible defensively, Kaberle might be unidimensional, but he ain't useless. Just dump Gomez.

Markov ain't junk, nor is Gio. Kaberle and Bourque are sub-par, but not beyond salvage.

Agreed. And the beauty of it is, in 2 years Gio, Gomez, Markov & Kaberle will be off the books, so we can buy whomever we want.

But in the meanwhile, why can't we try to make work what we have and offer a quality spectacle? Fans don't deserve washing your hands off the show just yet.

Plus, if you prove you can be a bit competitive, you might get extra return for all the parts you might want to trade within the next years. You sure won't make Kab or Gio more desirable if you make them play a crappy team with crappy results.
Markov, I'm one of his biggest fans, but there is a good siZe chance he might even be worse than junk lol. I don't expect it, but if he doesn't play, he's beyond junk.

I don't think the fans deserve anything if it gets in the way of the ultimate goal, signing another inflated contract to good, but not great players is one of biggest contributors to our current problems, perhaps we should learn from our past mistakes and aim not to repeat them.

IMO staying the course and waiting to utilize UFA on our terms is the way to go and I have no doubt it will lead us to a cup final quicker than patchwork, constantly spinning our tires method. I don't want semin, Jagr, doan, no Ty.

Watching the prospects develop is entertaining enough for me, I don't care about the standings right now.

Its looking like molson is on board for at least a partial rebuild and that's great news.

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