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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
If any employee quits on his employer, then they can share the blame. There's no proof that the Knicks quit on Dantoni. There is proof that they were an instant success under Woodson.

Blame the roster all you want, but Woodson for now is the better coach for the franchise. I could care less about Dantoni. He sucked as a coach here and I'm glad he's gone.

If the team bothers you so much, follow Sting and stop rooting for them. They are stuck with two albatross contracts but at least they are somewhat entertaining. Moreson than the previous 10 years.

Knicks fans should be realists instead of idealists. Like Cubs fans.

so getting whipped in a 1st round series the past 2 years is entertaining to you?
i guess you're easy to entertain

sorry,i pay good money for these clowns to win more then 1 playoff game in 2 years.

i have every right to not like the direction the franchise is going in and you nor anyone else has the right to tell me can be content with them filling the roster with aging has-beens while dumping draft picks like crazy.meanwhile,while thats happeneing,ill watch pretty much every other team improve while the Knicks seem stuck in the mud battling for an 8 spot year after year with their "superstars"

and you tell me i should be real?you're the 1 who needs to open his eyes and be real

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