Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ondrej Pavelec DUI
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07-16-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by GrandChelems View Post
I would assume that, with a salary of 3+ million per year, come certain responsibilities, obeying the law being on of them.
I didn't know that the size of a salary indicated how seriously you need to obey the law.

I haven't driven impaired for a long long time but I always feel that rural people have different opinions of DUI than urban people, especially people that came of age in the 80's or earlier. It is hard to pass judgement on something that nearly everyone did a couple/three decades ago in rural Manitoba. I don't think I had a single friend in that era who hadn't driven at least once where they would blow 0.2 (that is way way to high to drive safely tbh).
I still believe that when I am eating a fast food meal while driving I am far more of a hazard to other people than if I was driving impaired. People still do that though, myself included. I guess that is why eating/drinking while driving has been banned in some countries for decades. Would people from those Countries have the same level of dislike of you driving down Portage with a Timmy's coffee in your hand? How dare you but others at risk.

That is why a lot of older people don't have the same distaste as younger people and these topics always end up messy. Not defending it, just explaining the difference of opinion and I think a lot of glasshouse stones are being thrown in this thread.

That said, he should have been smart enough to hire a taxi or have someone else drive him home. In this era you can't drive impaired.
I worked in a country without impaired driving laws for a lot of years. When we went out we hired taxis, not because the law made us but because we didn't want to be responsible for hurting anyone.
We weren't any safer though since the taxi drivers drank more heavily than us.

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