Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ondrej Pavelec DUI
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07-16-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by DespoticNewt View Post
I have to wonder if there was truly any "hiding" being done by Pavs and his agent. From May to now is a long time. If this did happen in May, why are we only finding out about it now? Pavs and his agent can't control the Czech media, and Pavs is a large enough celebrity there to warrant at least a decent news page article. We should have found out about this months ago, like we did when we heard about Buff's watership down episode.
It very well might not have hit the Czech media, for whatever reason. Maybe they disclose charges differently than it works here. The news station being linked today is reporting it as an "exclusive" which, if it really is, suggests it wasn't reported beforehand.

Either way, you don't leave it up to media reports to inform your employer about something like this. You darn well get on the phone the day it happens and say, "Look, I've gotten myself into trouble, here's what you have to know, here's when my court date is," etc. There's almost no doubt TNSE was blindsided by this, which means there's been almost two months of contact with Pavelec via his agent that this was never disclosed.

I don't know if Walsh knew or not. I guess it'll come out.

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