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12-01-2003, 08:28 PM
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Well, the "gun" to Ted's head is the fact that the team is losing money - perhaps $30 million this season. Smaller losses can be absorbed, but that's a lot of money to lose on an annual basis, even for a very wealthy man like Leonsis. From a pure "hockey" standpoint, the trade doesn't make a lot of sense for the Caps - as you say, and it would only save about $4.5 million, unless the idea is to deal Lang, probably to Detroit, and have Lundmark replace him. (Risky!) One would think they'd agree to take a bigger contract from the Rangers (and pay less of Jagr's salary) to make the trade "look" more even. McPhee has always liked Anson Carter (who broke into the league with the Caps), for example, and tried to get him from Edmonton before the Rangers did. Overall, I think this is probably a bogus rumor, though anything's possible.
McPhee also is reluctant to make a deal that is so lopsided from a hockey standpoint just to save money, and so far Leonsis seems to be backing him up there.
I sort of like Lundmark, though I haven't really seen enough of him to say if he's an underachieving bust or if the change of scenery might let him break out.

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