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Originally Posted by Uwey View Post
So rather than continue to build with what we know we have in PK Subban as a D-man, we should let that all go & hope for the best over the 7 or so yrs, because that would be how long it would take to get these picks into the system up to NHL speed!!!
It would suck but having multiple first round draft picks for years would be worth it. We have a great scouting system so there is little risk with massive possibility for reward, especially with picks coming from Toronto. Ok having PK should finally allow them to have a modicum of success but these picks should still be fairly low first rounders. Meanwhile we can overpay another defensemen to do PK's job.

These young players are nice and awesome to have but theres little advantage in having them over veterans once they get bloated 7m+ contracts.

Originally Posted by Uwey

& you would replace PK how???

We haven't had a D-man of his caliber since Chelios, IMO & I think any of us who are old enough to remember the impact of that trade know what it has meant to this franchise the past two decades.

I can't believe the people who would be willing to let this young simply walk for a few draft picks, that may or may not play in this league. It' would be quite a huge gamble to take.
If we let Subban sign an offer sheet it would be at a price so steep that we'd get multiple first rounders back. Chances are we get a few solid NHLers with them. Since trading Subban would ensure we'd have a terrible defense until we find a replacement we might as well wrap it up next year and trade a few more players for prospects and draft picks in order to start a full rebuild.

The ''full rebuild'' plan : draft top5 in the next two years. This would ensure two high draft picks and with the PK compensation two other first rounders (hopefully from a non-playoff team). Add to that another 2nd&3rd rounder to our already impressive 3 picks in the 2013 2nd round and we should be able to build a prospect pool for the ages. These picks can also be used in trades, we could easily trade up to get two top5 picks for instance. Basically allowing Timmins to draft whoever he wants. The Habs could end up being a dominant force, quality surplus prospects can be traded for good veterans in order to have a very serious contender in 5 years (and a core that could last for 10 years after).

Its fantasy talk but its also fantasy talk that Subban doesn't sign with the Habs imho. Anyhow the Habs should think long and hard if anyone offers more than 6.7m to Subban (compensation 2x1st rounders, 1x2nd rounder, 1x3rd rounder) and it would be a no brainer to let him go for 8,4m+ (an astounding four 1st rounder as compensation). I doubt any team would be foolish enough to offer anything like that of course.

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