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07-16-2012, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by kasper11 View Post
What research? The league put out an official list of available players. That was the most up to date information. How were we supposed to know that there were other players available? Were we supposed to ask the agents about every player?

You knew about them because they were your players. It wasn't research. I research players before I bid on them, I don't research every player in the league in case the agents forgot to add some. Don't make it out like you did something special and deserve credit or that somebody else failed to do the necessary work. You had information that nobody else knew you didn't sign the players. We had no way of knowing that. For all we knew, the players were signed, hence the reason they were not on the official free agent list.
The moment my RFA's were left off the list, this was not going to be a fair situation, either for me or for the rest of you guys. I'm just stating my side. Yes, there are two sides and I had a right to be heard. It was discussed and I'm going to let it go.

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