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07-16-2012, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by u2wojo View Post
First...I'm a Hawk fan. 2nd, I'm not convinced Stalberg isn't Frolik, namely an abberation with a good season. If Stalberg finally figured it out and is really going to be a 20 goal scorer concistantly going forward, he will not fit with the Hawks anyway long term (he's a pending UFA and will comand 3 per IF (and I'm not convinced there will be a repeat) he pots 20+ again). Hjammer for a early 2nd is what I'm suggesting (and Stalberg for Emelin). Maybe you can get more for Stalberg then I think...I'm just not a believer he is much of anything other then Jack Skille 2.0....skates real fast, but little or no hockey sense and the sum of the parts is less then the total package you actually get.
This whole post is nonsense.

First, if Stalberg does "figure it out" - as it seems you don't approve his past season - he will be even better than a 20 goal guy, right? Teams develop players, and if they succeed in the system they try to keep them. That's what they call a "fit". I'm all for trading him for an upgrade, but only because he has value that you don't acknowledge

The comparison to Forlik is so off I'll not even comment other than to say they are not comparable players in any sense.

And for Stalberg to be Skille 2.0, Skille would have to be an impact player first. He's a nothing, a 5th draft pick trade-value guy. Dude has 17 career goals and 6% shooting%.

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