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07-16-2012, 11:57 PM
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Well, I've had two 'wake up calls' regarding drunk driving.

A longtime childhood friend of mine got hit with a DUI a few years ago. We were leaving the Pal and he decided to drive his Jeep home. He smashed it into a tree, totaled his Jeep and spent the night in jail. Jeep was on lease so he had to pay for it. Couldn't drive for a year. I drove him around when needed and he carpooled to work. After lawyer fees, the Jeep and all, he said it cost about $30k. But worse was the shame and embarrassment. As a single guy, hard to explain to women that you can't pick them up because you don't have a car and you have a DUI on you.

The second wake up call, another longtime friend decided to run from a check stop after coming home from a Christmas party. Well, he wrapped his Mustang around a tree. He didn't survive. Closed casket funeral. I was a blubbering mess.

Keep an extra $20 in your pocket, and take a cab home guys. Feel free to go crazy. That's what I do. It's cheap compared to the alternate scenarios.

But you know what, admittedly it took two of these and a lot of aging to be able to do that routinely and with conviction. If I was still in my 20's, young, brash, and rich, and no wake up calls? I can't say I'd be as confident...

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