Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ondrej Pavelec DUI
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07-17-2012, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Aerial View Post
FWIW, I won't burn you at the stake. I religiously never drove if I'd had even one drink -- until the one time I did, when I'd had a few too many. It was a terrible decision, and as a result I now ensure I never bring my car with me if I'm planning on drinking at all.

So I don't think everyone who drives after drinking is a bad person. I think most of them aren't. Unfortunately a whole lot of harm in the world is done by good people who make bad decisions.

I don't think Pavs is a bad guy and this doesn't change my opinion of him overall. But I do hope and expect to see him take some kind of responsibility, not just because of his public position but also because that will speak loudest to his character.
Well said, and the same thing happened to me on my 20th birthday. In fact I actually drove my buddy's girl home while I was at it. When he found out that I was gonzo when I did it...we didn't talk for a few weeks.

I seriously looked at my car parked outside(it was a house party btw) and I was like "yeah...I got this." only to start driving to be like this was a baaaaaaad idea. I got to where I was going(stonewall incidentally, so like 25-30min after I dropped her off). Terrible idea.

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