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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
I forgot about Wiz. Definitely a good fighter when he goes but does Bass actually play more than a handful of call up games a season?

I think a reason I consider CBJ so soft is because all their fighting is done by pretty much 2 players, one of which is Dorsett. Hes got heart but he isnt scaring anyone. I think Boll is a solid light heavyweight but he also loses his fair share as well.

I would wager the wings are a tougher team this year then the Jackets (if thats what you mean earlier in your post).

Smith, Tootoo, Ericcson are all definitely tougher than Dorsett. That doesnt count Bertuzzi when he decides to fight. Abdelkader and Dorsett are probably fairly even.

Smith, Ericcson and Tootoo would all also probably give Boll a good scrap. Tootoo has fought him twice to a draw pretty much.
I wouldn't go that far. Detroit will be a little meaner with Smith up full time and Tootoo running around, but I wouldn't quite say we'd be able to outmatch Columbus physically.

Like you said about Dorsett, Abdelkader has heart, but he's not scaring anyone. He did well against Max Lapierre last year, but overall he is not a good fighter at this point. He is still young, though. Also, Abby isn't physical on a regular basis. If he plays on the wing, I'm hoping we'll see him throwing his weight around more often. Dorsett is far more physical. Ericsson shows flashes of a mean streak, but we've yet to see anything significant. Just lacks the killer instinct, I guess. He'll fight a couple times a year, otherwise he is not very physical.

Keep in mind that we're still looking for a bottom pairing defenseman. If we pull in Jim Vandermeer, then I think we could say we're near Columbus in terms of toughness.

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