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07-17-2012, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
Wow, stretch the truth much?

He doesn't say he is going to be Suter. He mentions one similar characteristic. He says they both have presence on the ice. That means NOTHING.

And all this person has to go on with Gardiner is how he played with them, which is nowhere close to the player he is now. He is comparing Schultz now to a memory of an undeveloped year-old version of Gardiner. Gardiner was not expected to be this good, this fast. One is playing in College, and one was the top defensive rookie in the NHL and already easily a top-4 defenceman. Give your head a shake.

See above.

See nothing on this. Similar does not equal equal, and doesn't even mean potential. Once again, somebody can play similarly to Gretzky. That doesn't mean they will be Gretzky.

Edmonton Journal. And you are complaining about other people's sources?

Also says nothing of importance.

and missed mentioning:

"Keep in mind, though, that he only turns 22 in the summer and defensemen tend to have much more risk/variance on their projections than forwards when making that jump to the NHL. I love his talent level and I think he certainly can reach his projection, but due to his position I wouldn’t go say he’s a “sure thing” to do so, nor would I say he’ll peak in the next 1-2 years."

What a breaking story! That has only been said about every prospect ever! What's your point?

I never said Schultz is a bum. I said locking him into your top-4 next year, and calling your defense great, is stupid.

In other words, those articles which don't even say what you are claiming, despite being entirely bias in favour of Edmonton and media-driven, are the only things you have.

I told Leaf fans that they were stupid to pencil him into the top-4, or even the line-up, as well. Edmonton has a worse defence, so he may make the team with them, but expecting him to make any kind of significant impact next year is completely pre-mature.

I knew Schultz would instantly become a bottom pairing D once the Oil got him. This, though, takes the cake.

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