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07-17-2012, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I've been saying for a while now, Canad, USA-Sweden and Russia all have to be considered real bets to win gold. 1 of those teams will be without a medal when it's all said and done.
yes...but do not forget finland, do not forget czech republic...don't forget about torino - so don't forget slovakia and switzerland.

it's essential that whoever picks the team is very responsible and focussed on picking the team that is most likely to win the gold in a "here and now" sense. i don't want any "you've given great service to Hockey Canada so we'll include you on the team". That might seem obvious...but let's not forget the stench of Torino.

Hockey Canada needs to put together a team that's most likely to win gold in 2014...not an all-star team or a legends game.

We can debate goalies - but i think we have to admit that we will not have the strongest goal in the competition, that's for sure. if nothing else, we should prefer those who are least likely to let in soft goals. Honesty and self-awareness are key.

also, i suspect we'll end up with an offensive "dream team" - i've said it before but those players are going to have to work together - which i think sounds more obvious that the reality might be. we will, by far, have collectively the most elite offense in the games...but one thing that leaves me a bit worried is that some of our most high end "guaranteed" players are used to having the rest of their line cater to them offensively...and that won't work altogether.

Defensively - we'll be more than fine.

I'm hopeful and positive about Sochi...we have enough depth in Canada to put together a team that not only can win it but will have the skill level to dominate it. Good vibes, good vibes - let's make it a repeat.

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